Montfort Communications, the fast-growing corporate reputation firm, has been appointed by HiiROC, a hydrogen production business founded in 2019 that has developed world leading proprietary plasma technology for clean, affordable and efficient hydrogen production in the energy generation, distribution, storage and industrial decarbonisation sectors.  In 2022, HiiROC won KPMG’s prestigious Global Tech Innovator of the Year award.

The team, led by Senior Consultant Matthew Jervois, will work closely with HiiROc’s management team to support the company’s core growth initiatives with political, business and regulatory audiences, particularly in relation to the UK’s new hydrogen production pathways, and in the EU and the Middle East.

Matthew Jervois, Senior Consultant at Montfort Communications, said:

“HiiROC has developed world leading technology with investment from Centrica, Hyundai and CEMEX amongst others. We are very excited to be working closely with the team to advise them on engagement with multiple audiences as its technology is piloted globally with a variety of applications, including gas network blending, industrial decarbonisation, flare gas mitigation and CO2 reduction using biomethane.”

Tim Davies CEO HiiROC, commented:

“We are proud of HiiROC’s development and of our proprietary technology that allows us to produce hydrogen in a way that  is economical, efficient, scalable, and highly versatile. We look forward to working with Montfort, as we grow the HiiROC business, both in the UK and in multiple markets globally.”

For further information please contact:  Matthew Jervois: +44 (0)7717 857736 /