HiiROC and Centrica won the Innovation Project award at Hydrogen UK’s 2024 Awards dinner held at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham on March 11th. Taking place as part of the Hydrogen UK Annual Conference, the inaugural awards celebrate the leading companies, projects and individuals helping to develop the UK’s hydrogen economy.

HiiROC and Centrica won the award for their partnership in developing HiiROC technology to the large-scale demonstration stage. HiiROC’s patented Thermal Plasma Electrolysis (TPE) technology converts biomethane, flare gas or natural gas into clean, affordable hydrogen with solid carbon black as a valuable by-product.

In a competitive field, judges said that TPE stood out due to its modular and scalable nature enabling the technology to be deployed across the UK to support local usage.

HiiROC and Centrica announced plans to inject hydrogen produced through the TPE process at the Brigg peaking plant in Lincolnshire in late 2022 with a pilot project commencing later this year. The trial, part funded by a grant from the Net Zero Technology Centre, will mix hydrogen with natural gas at the 49MW gas fired plant, which is designed to meet energy demand during peak times, or when renewables generation is low.

Reflecting on the award, HiiROC CEO Tim Davies commented: “We are delighted that Hydrogen UK has recognised our collaboration with Centrica that uses our innovative TPE process to help decarbonise the Brigg gas peaker plant. The use of clean hydrogen to reduce industrial carbon emissions is a core component of HiiROC’s value proposition and we look forward to further developing our relationship with Centrica.”