On December 14th, 2023, HiiROC’s patented Thermal Plasma Electrolysis (“TPE”) hydrogen production process, was officially included within the scope of the UK Government’s Low Carbon Hydrogen Standard (LCHS).

Being included within the scope of the world-leading LCHS means TPE has now been recognised by the UK government as a viable production pathway for low carbon hydrogen, alongside other more established technologies such as water electrolysis and steam methane reforming.

It also gives HiiROC the regulatory footing to access wider Government Hydrogen development and support schemes as well as supercharging our export potential.

In response to this exciting development our CEO, Tim Davies, said:

“Being included within the scope of the LCHS will be pivotal for HiiROC’s commercial development and for homegrown, UK clean technology. TPE has a huge role to play in the energy transition, especially in decarbonisation across many hard-to-abate sectors. TPE can bring the cheaper, more efficient, versatile and scalable hydrogen production that the UK needs. LCHS is a genuinely world-leading standard, further establishing the UK at the forefront of clean energy regulation. We would like to thank the UK Government and the DESNZ teams we have worked with to reach this point.”

About Thermal Plasma Electrolysis

HiiROC’s unique TPE process is a new and innovative technology that produces cheap, clean hydrogen from hydrocarbons, through a proprietary plasma electrolysis process. The advantages which TPE brings are the ability to produce hydrogen on an affordable basis, at scale and without the need to be connected to a carbon dioxide transport and storage network.

About LCHS

The LCHS is a world-leading scheme that will help to drive the requirements for global hydrogen production to be low carbon. It sets a maximum threshold for the level of greenhouse gas emissions allowed in the hydrogen production process for that hydrogen to be considered low carbon. Compliance with the standard will help ensure new low carbon hydrogen production makes a genuine and direct contribution to the UK’s carbon reduction targets.