Lord Callanan and HiiROC’s CEO Tim Davies visit HiiROC’s pilot unit at the Brigg site

Earlier in the year HiiROC was pleased to welcome Lord Callanan, Minister for Energy Efficiency and Green Finance in the UK Government, to our Headquarters in Hull and to our pilot unit at Centrica’s Brigg site. 

The visit to Brigg came as HiiROC continues to showcase the importance of Thermal Plasma Electrolysis in the global hydrogen production mix and we continue to work with the UK Government on how best to support the diversification of production pathways and maintain the UK’s leadership position on clean technology. The announcement today that Thermal Plasma Electrolysis has been included within the scope of the UK’s Low Carbon Hydrogen Standard represents a big step forward on our journey.

The Minister was welcomed to both sites by our Chief Executive, Tim Davies, alongside a number of staff from across our business. 

At the Hull headquarters, Lord Callanan was introduced to the wider technical and engineering team, getting an insight into how the TPE process works from first principles and seeing first-hand our state-of-the-art, bespoke manufacturing and milling workshop. 

Lord Callanan then travelled to Centrica’s Brigg site to see HiiROC’s Thermal Plasma Electrolysis in action. Tim Davies guided the Minister around HiiROC’s pilot unit, which will produce hydrogen onsite for Centrica to be used in generating peak electricity, drastically reducing emissions in the process. 

Our CEO Tim Davies commented: 

“It was an absolute pleasure to have the Minister with us at HiiROC. Seeing the genuine interest in us and our tech from Government and the Department has been fantastic. That has been borne out in our discussions with them in a number of critical areas. It really feels like the Government are here to support clean technology development in the UK and help us build something special.” 

Following his visit, Lord Callanan said: 

“HiiROC’s production of low-carbon hydrogen is a great example of the important role Northern industry is playing in our net zero progress. 

It was fantastic to visit Hull and see their technology first-hand, as work continues towards diversifying our energy supply and decarbonising our industrial heartlands.” 

About our inclusion within the scope of the Low Carbon Hydrogen Standard

On December 14th, 2023, HiiROC’s patented Thermal Plasma Electrolysis (“TPE”) hydrogen production process, was officially included within the scope of the UK Government’s Low Carbon Hydrogen Standard (LCHS).

Being included in the scope of the world-leading LCHS means TPE has now been recognised by the UK government as a viable production pathway for low carbon hydrogen, alongside other more established technologies such as water electrolysis and steam methane reforming.

Inclusion within the scope of the LCHS also gives HiiROC the regulatory footing to access wider Government Hydrogen development and support schemes as well as supercharging our export potential.

The LCHS is a world-leading scheme that will help to drive requirements for global hydrogen production to be low carbon. It sets a maximum threshold for the level of greenhouse gas emissions allowed in the hydrogen production process for that hydrogen to be considered low carbon. Compliance with the standard will help ensure new low carbon hydrogen production makes a genuine and direct contribution to the UK’s carbon reduction targets.